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About us

Circus Wholesale is the home of our Irish designed and ethically made brand "Circus".

We design our own prints and develop our own patterns in house to bring some of our favourite classic and vintage design elements right up to date.

"Circus" is both in season and forward order.

To deliver the best product possible to you, our customers, it is essential that our product is made in a factory where the employees are treated ethically and with respect. Our Circus range is made in close collaboration with our factory Good Earth in India, which is SEDEX approved. We visit the factory every two months to over see production and fabric development making sure we are 100% happy with all elements that combine to produce our finished garments.

This means:

  • Working spaces are modern, air conditioned, and not over crowded.
  • Wages are on average 20% above minimum requirements.
  • We adhere strictly to minimum working age.
  • We adhere strictly to maximum working hours per week.
  • We make regular visits to, and are in regular communication, with our factory to ensure both the products and the work environment are of high quality.